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ISBN: 978-1-86108-616-7

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Buttoned Slouch
Page 24 – Shape heel
Row 2: P27, wrap 1, turn.

Felted Boudoir
Page 32 - Method
Cast on 50 sts and arrange on three needles thus: N1 12 sts; N2 12 sts; N3 26 sts.
Knit 1 row.
Knit 3 rows, foll patt on N1 and N2 and working the 26 sts on N3 in k.
Shape heel
Using the 26 sts on N3, work 25 rows st st to form heel.
Turn heel
Next row: K15, skpo, k1, turn.
Next row: Sl1, p5, p2tog, p1, turn.
Next row: Sl1, k6, skpo, k1, turn.
Next row: Sl1, p7, p2tog, p1, turn.
Next row: Sl1, k8, skpo, k1, turn
Next row: Sl1, p9, p2tog, p1, turn.
Cont as set by rows above until 16 sts rem.
Shape Gusset
Rep last 2 rounds until 50 sts rem (12 sts on N1; 12 sts on N2; 26 sts on N3).

Cable Clog
Page 40 – Cable pattern
C3F: slip next 3 sts on to a cable needle and hold at front of work; k next 3 sts, k3 from cable needle.
Cast on 40 sts divided evenly between four needles.
Round 1: P2, k8 across N1; p2, k8 across N2; p2, k8 across N3; p2, k8 across N4.
Rep last round 5 times.
Round 7: Work sts on N1, N2 and N3 as before; on N4 p2, k1, C3F, k1, p2.
Round 8: Work as round 1.
These 8 rows form wide rib and cable pattern. Rep twice or to length desired for leg of sock.
Next round: Work next 3 sts on to needle 4. Rearrange sts to work over 3 needles, placing the last st from N3 on N4. This needle should now contain 16 sts and will now be referred to as N1. Divide rem 24 sts between N2 and N3 for top of foot.
Heel flap
Turn and work 23 rows on the 16 sts on N1, slipping the first st of every row and keeping cable patt correct.
Shape heel
Row 1: Sl1, work in patt across 11 sts, ssk, turn.
Row 2: Sl1, p8, p2tog, turn.
Row 3: Sl1, k8, ssk over gap, turn.
Row 4: Sl1, p8, p2tog over gap, turn.
Row 5: Sl1, k to end (12 sts).
Stop working cable patt now, but cont with rib panel as set on top of foot until toe.
Shape gusset
Round 1: Still using N1, pick up and k 12 sts along side of heel flap (N2); k across 24 instep sts on N2; on N3, pick up and k 12 sts from other side of heel, then knit the first 6 sts of N1 to reach centre of heel sts (60 sts).
Round 2: Work to last 3 sts on N1, k2tog, k1; work across 24 sts on N2; on N3 k1, ssk, k to end (58 sts).
Round 3: K.
Repeat rounds 2 and 3 until 44 sts rem.
Shape toe
Round 1: On N1, k to last 2 sts, k2tog; on N2, k2, ssk, k to last 4 sts, k2tog, k2; on N3 ssk, k to end (40 sts).

Fancy Feet
Page 54 – Heel
Next row: K27, s1l wyif, turn.
Next row: S1l wyif, p26, s1l wyib, turn.
Next row: S1l wyib, k25 s1l wyif, slip same stitch back, turn.
Next row: P24, s1l wyib.
Next row: K23, s1l wyif.
Next row: P22, s1l wyib.
Next row: K21, s1l wyif.
Next row: P20, s1l wyib.

Go-faster Sport
Page 77–78 new pattern text
Materials and equipment
4-ply stretch cotton yarn
2 x 50g balls white (M)
Oddment of contrast (C)
Set of five 2.75mm (UK12:US10) double-pointed needles

Using M, cast on 44(48:52:56) sts very loosely and join, taking care not to twist. Place marker at beginning of round.
Arrange sts so there are 14 (15:16:17) on N1, 16 (18:20:22) on N2 and 14 (15:16:17) on N3.
Work 6 rounds in stocking stitch.
Next round: Using M, work across sts on N1. On N2 work 4 (5:6:6) sts M, 8 (8: 8:10) sts C, 4 (5:6:6) sts M. Using M, work across sts on N3.
Rep last round three times more, using a separate short length of M for each round.
Using M, work 8 (10:12: 14) rounds in st st.
Next: Knit across sts on N1 to marker. Rearrange sts so there are 11 (12:13:14) on N1, 22(24:26:28) on N2 and 11 (12:13:14) on N3. (44 (48:52:56) sts)
Next round: Knit across sts on N1.

Heel flap
Work sts on N2 back and forth, repeating rows 1 and 2 and at the same time working in stripe pattern (below):
Row 1: K1, sl1; rep across.
Row 2: Purl.

Stripe pattern
Size 5-6: 4 rows C; 4 rows M; 4 rows C; 4 rows M; 2 rows C; 2 rows M; 2 rows C (22 rows).
Size 7-8: 4 rows C; 4 rows M; 4 rows C; 6 rows M; 2 rows C; 2 rows M; 2 rows C (24 rows).
Size 9-10: 4 rows C; 4 rows M; 4 rows C; 6 rows M; 4 rows C; 2 rows M; 2 rows C (26 rows)
Size 11-12: 4 rows C; 4 rows M; 4 rows C; 4 rows M; 4 rows C; 2 rows M; 2 rows C; 2 rows M; 2 rows C. (28 rows)

Turn heel
Row 1: Using M, K1, skpo, k to last 7 sts, k2tog, k1.
Row 2 and foll alt rows: Purl.
Rep these 2 rows until 14 (14:16:16) sts rem.
Knit 1 row on these sts.

Pick up and knit 14 (15:16:17) sts along edge of heel flap. Knit across sts of heel. Using a separate needle, pick up and knit 14(15:16:17) sts along other edge of heel flap, then knit to marker.

Instep shaping:
Next round: On N1, k11 (12:13:14) sts, skpo, knit across rem sts. Knit across sts on N2. On N3, k to last 13 (14:15:16) sts, k2tog, knit to marker.
Rep last round until there are 44 (48:52:56) sts in total.
Work 32 (36:40:44) rounds in st st. Adjust foot length here if necessary.
Rearrange sts so there are 11 (12:13:14) on N1, 22 (24:26:28) on N2 and 11 (12:13:14) on N3.

Toe shaping
Round 1: Knit to last 3 sts on N1, k2tog, k1. On N2 k1, skpo, k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1; on N3 k1, skpo, knit to marker.
Round 2: Knit all sts.
Rep these two rounds until 20 (20:24:24) sts rem.
Finish by using the three-needle cast-off (see Techniques) or graft sts together.

Making up
Sew in yarn ends.

Moss Stitch Shoesocks
Page 111 – Tension
24 sts and 32 rows to 4in (10cm) over stocking stitch using 3.75mm needles
Sirdar Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK (116m per 50g)
Page 112 – Sock top
Pick up and k7 sts up R side, k7 sts across top, pick up and k7 sts down L side; moss stitch across 21 sts on stitch holder, ensuring buttonhole is to L of needle (42 sts).

Baby Pods
Page 116
Sole [replaced heading top]
Next row: Inc in first st, k to last st, inc in last st.
Rep this row until there are 21(29:38) sts.
Delete Shape heel and all of Next row line.
Work straight, inc 1 st at end of each row until there are 29(37:43) sts.
Work 2 rows without shaping.
Work straight, dec 1 st at end of each row until there are 20 (28:38) sts.
Work straight, dec 1 st at each end of every row until 12(16:20) sts rem.

Mary Janes
Page 132 – Method
Row 2: Inc 1 in first st, k13, inc 1, k to last st, inc 1 (35 sts).
Row 4: Inc 1 in first st, k14, inc 1, k3, inc 1, k to last st, inc 1 (39 sts).
Row 6: Inc 1 in first st, k15, inc 1, k5, inc 1, k to last st, inc 1 (43 sts).
Row 8: Inc 1 in first st, k16, inc 1, k7, inc 1, k to last st, inc 1 (47 sts).
Change to st st and work 9 rows.
Shape strap
Next row: K9 and place these sts on a spare length of yarn, cast off 19, k to end (9 sts on needle).
Next row: K across 9 sts, then k across sts on spare yarn from heel end, thus working across the back of the heel (18 sts)
Next row: K18, cast on 11 sts for strap.
K 1 row on these 29 sts.
Buttonhole row: K to last 3 sts, k2tog, yo k1.
Work 1 row.
Cast off.
Rep for second shoe, working one extra row before casting on for strap to make a left and right shoe.

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