Knitted Nursery: Toys, clothes and furnishings for a beautiful baby’s room

ISBN: 978-1-86108-669-3

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Bunny buddy 
Page 114 – Legs 
Cast on 10 sts using pale blue yarn
Row 1: Knit. 
Row 2: Purl. 
Rows 3–50: Change colour and knit. Continue in stocking stitch, changing colour every 2 rows. After 50 rows, make foot as follows: 
Row 51: In contract colour, *k1, inc 1, rep from * to end of row (15 sts). 
Row 52: Purl. 
Row 53: *K1, inc 1, rep from * to last stitch, k1 (22 sts). 
Row 54: Purl. 
Row 55: *K1, inc 1, rep from * to end of row (33 sts). 
Row 56: Purl. 
Row 57: K1, *k2tog, rep from * to end of row (17 sts). 
Row 58: Purl. 
Row 59: K1, *k2tog, rep from * to end of row (9 sts). 
Draw thread through remaining stitches and pull to gather together.

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