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Tatting Collage

Tatting Collage
  • Publishing: Spring 12
  • Pub month: March
  • ISBN-13: 9781861089052
  • Author: Lindsay Rogers
  • Price: £7.99
  • Binding: HB concealed spiralbound
  • No. of pages: 96
  • Photos: 120 photographs
  • Dimensions: 210 x 148 mm
  • Colour : Full colour throughout

Tatting Collage

Traditionally used for doyleys and edging handkerchiefs or collars, there is much more that can be done with tatting with a bit of imagination. Tatting is basically a handmade lace, with each stitch composed of two half-hitch knots. The single thread is looped and knotted with the aid of a small shuttle, and people are often amazed that so simple a technique can produce such intricate results. The appeal of the craft is that it is simple and portable, you can take your tatting equipment anywhere, and now that Tatting Collage is republished as a concealed spiral bound book it will be easy to use ‘on-the-go’. Tatting collage creates attractive designs by combining small motifs and gluing them down to card, paper or fabric. As well as offering great fun and flexibility, it also avoids the need to handle large and complicated pieces of tatting - a bonus if you are pressed for time or are new to the craft and looking for encouragement.

Whatever your level of experience, Tatting Collage offers the chance to create something satisfying and unique in a short space of time. * It is NOT a book to teach how to tat. It assumes that readers will already be familiar with the basic techniques, and includes a Further Reading list of books for beginners to learn basic stitches. * It does include lots of useful tips throughout and a Tools and Techniques section and the How to Use this Book section explains how to follow the patterns and designs.

* Includes some of the easiest tatting patterns possible through to more complex ones. * There is instruction to make 65 patterns or motifs and 60 designs for everything from gift tags to bookmarks and cards to paperweights and door finger plates. * It encourages the reader to give free rein to the imagination and develop skills to create distinctive gifts and decorative pieces.

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