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Knitted Shawls

  • Publishing: Autumn 20
  • Pub month: October
  • ISBN-13: 9781784945848
  • Author: Christine Boggis
  • Price: £14.99
  • Binding: PB with flaps
  • No. of pages: 152
  • Dimensions: 254 x 203 mm
  • Colour: Full colour throughout

Knitting can help with stress and anxiety, but sometimes even this relaxing craft can contribute to the worries of life. Will it fit well in the end? How will I manage a new technique? This book aims to take all those concerns out of the craft, as shawls don’t have to fit in a certain way, or even end up in exactly the right shape to work. Suitable for everyone from beginners to experts, the workbook format introduces all the techniques you need before each design. It also includes a series of articles exploring the health benefits of knitting, how it can contribute to mindfulness and wellbeing.

Author Information

Christine Boggis
Christine Boggis is the editor of Knitting magazine and author of JOMO Knits. She worked as a journalist in Sussex, Vienna and London before joining Knitting, where she writes about knitting all day long then rushes home to spend the evening actually doing it. Having struggled with anxiety and depression for much of her adult life, Christine is keen to spread the word about how much knitting can help all those of us feeling stressed, worried and overwhelmed. She is based in Brighton, East Sussex.