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Home Wall Art – For Little Ones

  • Publishing: Autumn 20
  • Pub month: September 20
  • ISBN-13: 9781784945756
  • Price: £9.99 inc.VAT
  • Binding: PB
  • No. of pages: 48
  • Dimensions: 305 x 216 mm
  • Colour: Full colour throughout

Art can transform a space. Whether your style is classic, modern or somewhere in between, artwork will raise your décor to a whole new level. But forget the days of hanging a piece and just leaving it there. It’s time to create a new mindset, rotate your art and keep your walls alive and interesting. If you like to collect art as you travel, whether it’s a postcard, a map or a photograph, art rotation is the perfect method for keeping your walls full of fresh memories. Store the pieces that aren’t on your wall in a box so you can easily swap them in and out – choosing new prints to hang is always a mood lifter.

Finding the perfect spot for a piece of art is often a long process, but don’t let this put you off. Consider directly swapping pieces – take the one hanging above your bedside and exchange it with the one hanging above your kitchen sink, or take something from your bathroom and place it over your desk. It will give you a fresh perspective and you might even find a better place when you think outside of the box. Update your child’s space as often as you like with these beautiful contemporary illustrations. Printed on high-quality paper, each artwork is simple to remove and ready to frame. A perfect gift for any parent.