Tea Cozies 4

ISBN: 978-1-86108-966-3

Your edition of this book may require the following corrections, these appear in bold:

Elegant Entrelac 
Page 58 – Base triangle
Next row: Sl1, p7 but do not turn*. Using the next 2 sts on the left-hand needle, rep from * to * to form the second base triangle. Rep twice more, ending sl1, p7, turn (four base triangles worked).
Page 59 – Final tier
Join in B. Pick up p-lwise and purl 7 sts from edge of triangle just worked (8 sts, including st left on needle from previous row), turn.
Row 16: P2tog (1 st on needle).
Pick up p-wise and purl 7 sts from edge of rectangle of previous tier (8 sts, including st left on needle), turn. Rep last 16 rows three times. Fasten off.

Tea Roses
Page 54 – Small petals
Rep rows 2–11 another three times (4 petals). Do not break yarn.
Page 55 – Leaves
Row 14: K6, inc twice, k7 (17 sts).
Rows 16, 18 and 20: Knit to end. 

Row 22: K1, skpo, k11, k2tog, k1 (15 sts).

Vintage Roses
Page 125 – Leaves
Row 12: K5, inc twice, k6 (15 sts).
Rows 14, 16 and 18: Knit to end. 

Row 20: K1, skpo, k9, k2tog, k1 (13 sts).

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