Take a Seat

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Giant Pouffe
Page 60 – Steps 9–11
Step 9
Place the two halves wrong sides together and start to join them. Starting with the long tail end B, push the hook through the top of a stitch along the edge of half B, from the front to the back. Wrap the rope around the hook and draw the whole tail of the rope through. Now insert the hook through the stitch above in half A, from the back to the front, wrap with the rope, and pull through to the back of the work. Now insert the hook from back to front in the next stitch in half A. Wrap the rope around the hook and pull the whole tail through to the back. Insert the hook from front to back of the next stitch on half B, wrap with the rope and pull it through to the front of the work. This forms the first two stitches. You are, in effect, joining the two halves with overstitch (see page 146), using the long tail end B.

Step 10
Continue until you have completed three-quarters of the circumference. Stuff the pouffe through the gap in the join, filling it as firmly as possible.

Step 11
Close the stuffing gap with overstitching. You can do this quite loosely, pulling and tweaking the rope stitches with your fingers at the end. To finish off, hook the rope end through to the front between the two halves. Tie a tight double knot, trim the tail end to about 6in (15cm), and push it firmly back through to the inside of the work.

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