Knitted Finger Puppets

ISBN: 978-1-86108-814-7

Your edition of this book may require the following corrections, these appear in bold:

Tamsin tiger
Page 19 – Plinth 
Round 5:(K1, inc1) 12 times, (36 sts); cut D and join in C.
Round 6: Using C, k to end of round. Purl 2 rounds; cut C and rejoin D. Using D, knit 8 rounds; cut D and rejoin C. 

Malachi Monkey 
Page 21 – Materials
4 x 2.25mm (UK13:US1) double-pointed knitting needles
Page 22 – Body and head 
Rows 4–6: P to end. 
Beg with a k row, work 20 rows in stocking stitch.

Russell ringmaster
Page 25 – Materials
Pair of 2.25mm (UK13:US1) knitting needles
4 x 2.25mm double-pointed knitting needle not required.

Dennis duck 
Page 59 – Materials
2 x double-pointed 2.75mm (UK12:US2) knitting needles [not required]

Fairy godmother
Page 82 – Arms and sleeves
Row 1: Inc1 in each st (8 sts). Beg with a p row, work 5 rows in stocking stitch; cut B and join in E. Using E, work 6 rows in stocking stitch.

Pandora pirate
Page 96–7 – Making up
Stitch back seam of jumper; run a length of yarn through the stitches at neckline, slip on to body and stitch top of jumper to body, pulling up yarn to fit snugly around neck.

Castaway Crusoe
Page 104 – Body and head
Row 28: P to end.
Row 29: K to end.

Octavius octopus
Page 112 – Coral
Using 2.25mm knitting needles and coral yarn, cast on 15 sts.

Lucy lab assistant
Page 125 – Materials
1 x 2.25mm (UK13:US1) double-pointed knitting needles [not required]

Page 150 – Blanket stitch
With the edge of the work facing away from you, work from left to right.
Page 154 – Abbreviations & conversions
k3tog – knit 3 together

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