ISBN: 978-1-86108-866-6

Your edition of this book may require the following corrections, these appear in bold:

Page 49 – Bobble
With 2.75mm needles and B, cast on 15 sts, (cast off 14, cast on another 14 sts so there are 15 on the left-hand needle) 20 times, cast off 15 sts leaving a long length of yarn.

Perky Pompom
Page 56 – Hat
Using 3.75mm needles and A, cast on 92 sts.
Page 57
Row 12: With B, p5, (sl 2 p-wise, p6) to last 7 sts, sl 2 p-wise, p5.

Gold Leaf
Page 61 – Hat
Row 28 is missing from this pattern, the following row numbers need to have one added until you reach the final row, number 38 in this section. The completed hat will end on row 55. See pdf for corrected project.
Row 28: K3, (p3, k5) to last 6 sts, p3, k3.
Row 29: P3, (sl 2tog k-wise, k1, p2sso, p5, k1, yo, k1, yo, k1, p5) to last 18 sts, sl 2tog k-wise, k1, p2sso, p5, k1, yo, k1, yo, k1, p3.
Row 36[37]: P3, (k2, sl 2tog k-wise, k1, p2sso, k2, p5, sl 2tog k-wise, k1, p2sso, p5) to last 18 sts, k2, sl 2tog k-wise, k1, p2sso, k2, p5, sl 2 tog k-wise, k1, p2sso, p3) (177 sts).

Rosy Cloche
Page 64 – Special abbreviations
Dc4inc: 4dtr into next st (to increase)
Dc5inc: 5dtr into next st (to increase)

Page 69 – Hat
Row 41: With B, p to end.
Row 42: With B, k to end.

Hooded Scarf
Page 80 – Fringe
Make 14 tassels for each end and attach them evenly across the end.

Turban Chic
Page 103 – Materials
2 balls in 9097

Peaked Perfection
Page 108 – Hat
Set up row: K7 (k twice in next st, k9) 6 times, k twice in next st, k7 (82 sts).

Tattoo Beanie
Page 112 – Chart
See pdf for updated heart motif and pattern instructions.
Page 113 – Hat
Rows 1–12: Beg with a knit row, work 12 rows in st st.
Row 13K53, knit row 1 of 35 sts from right to left, k53.
Row 14: P53, purl row 2 of 35 sts from left to right, p53.

Mega Bobble
Page 117 – Hat
Row 5 (WS): K1, (p2, k4) to last 3 sts, p2, k1.
Row 6 (RS): P1, (k2, p4) to last 3 sts, k2, p1.


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