Fat Quarter One-Piece Projects: 25 projects to make from short lengths of fabric

ISBN: 978-1-78494-420-9

Your edition of this book may require the following corrections, these appear in bold:

Covered Notebook
Page 76 – Step 3
To make the notebook tab, place the main fabric and lining pieces with right sides together. Machine sew around three sides using a ⅜in (1cm) seam allowance, leaving the short straight edge open. Turn the right sides out and press.
Step 5 – Measurement
Place the lining fabric on top and machine stitch around all sides using ain (1.5cm) seam allowance but leaving a 3in (7.5cm) opening in the top seam for turning.

Page 139 – Outer and inner ears
The templates should be cut on the fold, see amended PDF here.


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