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One-Shuttle Tatting

One-Shuttle Tatting
  • Publishing: Autumn 18
  • Pub month: October
  • ISBN-13: 9781784944858
  • Author: Lindsay Rogers
  • Price: £9.99
  • Binding: PB concealed spiralbound
  • No. of pages: 80
  • Photos: 85 photographs
  • Dimensions: 210 x 148 mm
  • Colour : Full colour throughout

One-Shuttle Tatting

This easy-to-use book shows us just what can be achieved by the inexperienced lacemaker using the minimum of tools, just one shuttle of thread, a crochet hook and, perhaps, a few beads. Perfect for complete beginners to this intricate and traditional craft, as you work through this book of patterns it will soon become apparent that by using only one shuttle, a great variety of designs are possible. Stunning pieces can still be created using very simple techniques.

The basic patterns include edgings, flower patterns, round motifs, jewellery, square designs and cobwebs. Ideas for how the basic patterns can be developed are included, as well as suggestions such as creating very different looks by varying the thread used.

Perfect for learning the art of tatting, this beginner’s book shows a simple technique using only one shuttle and no chains. The 14 basic patterns are suitable for beginners and easy to use – simply photocopy your chosen pattern, pick up your shuttle and thread and get started.

Lyn Morton author of The Art of Tatting Jewellery and Tatting Patterns is a expert tatter with over 40 years of experience. She runs her own company online through which she sells numerous high-quality designs. Lyn is also a popular and enthusiastic teacher in the UK and the States, and as an enthusiastic member of the Ring of Tatters, a worldwide organization for the craft.

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